In Which The Price of Corruption is Tallied

Meet Devo.

The player behind Devo is by all accounts a stand up guy. Devo however is the worst of the worst. Well that may not be accurate. The Emperor in the Revan novel was pretty awful. Regardless Devo is not a person to be messed with.

Last week before our Wednesday raid I noticed he was lounging about in just his undies. The thing that struck me as odd, was the lack of darkside corruption below his neck.

Other bloggers have noted that morality can take it’s toll on you. And it has been noted that the morality questions are often a false choice. But I was always led to believe that being a darkside character would make your whole body weak and taunt. Apparently that isn’t true. It is true for your face, but slap a bag on Devo here and you couldn’t tell me that his body look emaciated by a lack of moral fiber.

The takeaways here are as follows.

  1. Yes the Alvis Raid team can and will strip without prompting before raids.
  2. Being committed to evil gives you a six pack in the abs.
  3. For some reason Devo’s head reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson.