Trademarks: AKA how Jounville had to show an NPC why you don’t wear an eyepatch.

Even though we are not on an RP server, the Blackferne clan and Jounville in particular has a life story in my mind. This is a story that has evolved since Star Wars Galaxies, and one of the aspects of that story is that Jounville always should have had an eyepatch. That wasn’t an option in that game, so when SWTOR launched and I could make a character who finally looked more like how he should looked I was pretty happy.

Here is Jounville on December 15th 2011.



Early access and as you can see by the clown armor Jorgan is in we are pretty low level there. The eyepatch is my thing. I get that technically it is supposed to be a cybernetic eye, but it looks like an eyepatch so for me it IS an eyepatch.

Saturday night I helped Boccior, Starel, and Skiggity complete a popular quest chain and we came across a certain Lord Tagriss.



What. Period. The. Period. Hell. Period. Question mark. Exclamation mark. This is like two people wearing the same dress to prom. Listen here Lord Tagriss, I don’t know what you think you are doing, but I’ve been all over Spacebook and OurSpace and hell even that social network that only Ortolan’s use, Orkut, and I’ll tell you something, the eyepatch? It is my effing thing. Okay I’m gonna cut you. I hope you still got the receipt because I want you to go back to Sithieland Mall, stroll right into Hoth Topic or whatever and exchange for a straw fedora or that muscle tee with the Jawa Shore logo on it. You can wear those ironically all you want, I don’t care. But the eyepatch? That is mine.