The Church Has a Picnic

Last week 1.5 hit and with it the exciting HK-51 Assassination droid. The Church of Alvis on Saturday  assembled to cooperatively help everyone get significant parts of the quest line done. We officially started with the Outlaws Den portion. We “RP” walked from the entrance of the Outlaw’s den all the way down to the Jawa selling part of the HK Droid. While it wasn’t the most efficient mode of travel, it did get a remark from Gabrielx on Jedi Covenant who thought we looked cool walking that way. Two Sith were killed and another ran away seeing our posse’s swagger. Gabrielx came by and unfortunately one of our smugglers shot first taking his admiration of Han a bit too far. Apologies to Gabrielx were made as well as a gift to help him on his HK journey.

Following that we went to Taris, then Hoth, and then Coruscant fanning out to use our survey team to quickly identify the parts and allowing everyone to get what they needed. We followed up Coruscant with a dip on the Sith side <Pod Six>.

 Same story in regards to surveying, but with much complaining about Dromund Kaas lacking a unified speeder network. Here I thought despotic authoritarian regimes were supposed to make the speeders run on time.

We rounded out Saturday by breaking into groups for the Flashpoint portions.

 A quick jaunt through False Emperor for my group was a lot of fun. As you can see I ran with up and coming twitter celebrity @FynnCobb as a tank heal team. It was a lot of fun with wisecracking all around.

The next day a few of us finished up with a run of Hard Mode Maelstrom Prison. A quick Heroic 2+ on Belsavis later and now C2-N2 has a bully to worry about on my ship.

 It was a lot of fun and something that gave the Church a great bonding experience outside a raiding context.

If you are interested in joining the Church, or participating in our activities please visit our forums and say hi. We love meeting new people and making new friends.