About Us

“Who were those pantless gun toting drunks?”

Perhaps this more than any other phrase might be the most fitting introduction to the Church of Alvis.  To understand them is to love them, or loathe them, I forget which. The important this is that there is a lasting memory of the night which only extreme consumption of whiskey and rye might erase.

The Church of Alvis was formed in August of 2003 in the living room of Isaac Palinander’s medium house on Naboo outside of Theed (Star Wars Galaxies Scylla Server). The church drew its members primarily from regulars to the SWG-Scylla official game server forum and took on a celebrity status. Renowned for their humor, wit, brazen antics, and ability to hold a grudge for 12 parsecs.

Their doctrine was inspired by the teachings in the Feast of Alvis episode of Sealab 2021.

And they wandered the galaxy spreading the word of Alvis to all who would listen. As their time in Star Wars Galaxies came to a close, they maintained a close friendship even though they all pursued various interests.

With the announcement that Bioware and LucasArts are releasing Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Church is reuniting to spread the word once again. This site is dedicated towards promoting the guild, the game, and the Alvian way of life.

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In an attempt to give proper credit where credit is due. The main page is WordPress using the Weaver II theme. The forums are PHPBB3.  Sand Dune background by Patrick Hoesly.

Art source material is from The Old Republic Fankit by Bioware and LucasArts, though it has been modified by Blackferne or SirPsyko for presentation purposes.

Additional art sources may come from Sealab 2010 from the Cartoon Network.

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None of this would be possible without the great people who make up the Church of Alvis.