The Church of Alvis as a guild is like a family. As such we expect  prospective recruits to make an effort to assimilate into our guild  culture. There are two primary ways to achieve this goal. First by  extensive in game association and involvement. This can be done by  active participation in open Alvian events such as Church Picnics. The  second method is an active and involved presence on our

Regardless of which primary method of assimilation a recruit takes,  we do expect ALL members and recruits to sign up for the forums with a  username that matches their main toon’s name. And they are expected to  make an introduction thread expressing their desire to be a member of  the church with an introduction of themselves. Any recruit failing to do  so will not be considered for membership.

During the early days with the church, recruits will be known as  Altarsquids and have limited access to guild forums, and guild  resources. This is a probationary period that allows not only Church to  see if the recruit is a good fit, but also for the recruit to see if the  Church is the kind of guild of which they wish to be a member.

New members are expected to be deferential to The Archbishop, Cardinals,  and Bishops in matters pertaining to guild management, and show signs  of respect to all other members of the Church.

A final note is that our guild culture is one in which teasing is common  place and we expect all members to be able to laugh at themselves.  However the important aspect all members need to remember is that there  is a line which becomes clear over time where teasing goes from fun to  cruel, and that is not allowed within our guild culture.