The Bad Boys and Babes of Beta

NDA lifted, and with it we have a lot of Alvians who have gotten into not just the weekend beta, but the normal beta program. Needless to say we are very grateful to Bioware for this opportunity to play around, help test, and get a feel for game systems before we actually launch.

It was decided that we would roll a beta Sith guild so as not to spoil the Republic stories for ourselves before we ran them with our live game mains and alts. Since we are rolling Sith, the general consensus is to sow our royally evil oats. For my part I decided to roll Jounvillain the Rattataki Bounty Hunter. He has very very few charitable bones in his body. The priority list goes credits, thrill of killing, other stuff I imagine.


I'm the bad thing that happens to good people.

I’m not the only one breaking bad. On thursday Happyclam, Furiel, Yaj, and myself ran the Black Talon Flashpoint and the general game we seemed to be playing was, “Who can be the biggest jerk?”. It was a lot of fun. I’m really curious to see if the ability to reform into fine upstanding beings on the light side of the force will happen after our vacation in depravity.

The most surprising check to my evil inclinations though, wasn’t what my fellow guildies were doing, but rather how my first, and as of yet only, companion responded to me choosing evil acts. Mako was not happy with my desire to kill a Republic Scientist for a bounty, and that led me to earn my first light side points. Oh the horror.

What ways have you been going against your launch intentions?


The Bad Boys and Babes of Beta — 1 Comment

  1. I tried the evil Sith angle in the October weekend beta. In the ongoing beta program, I’m now trying to rack up the light side points.

    As Joun and I were grouped up for a bit last Saturday, he mentioned he had me pegged…I’d be a jerk right up until the time I had a good/evil decision point, then I’d always side with good. It was an interesting observation, and evidently not far off the mark.

    I’ve since come to the conclusion that as far as group fun is concerned, being evil is more inherently fun in a gaming context than being good. It will be interesting to see how this plays out at launch, with people’s main characters. Especially since CoA is playing on the Republic side, we’re automatically the good guys, right?