The Post in which the Dood Posse Visits Austin

In what has become a yearly tradition, Dood came to Austin during the holidays to visit the Alvians who live here. It was a lot of fun to catch up. We learned that Dood’s solution to any problem is to add bitters and a lemon twist. Jounville is under the belief it doesn’t count as arson if marshmallows are involved. And finally that every Alvian is geeky in their own way. If you had seen Gandolfini and Dood talk cocktails for over an hour you’d definitely appreciate that statement.

From left to right: Gandolfini, n'Jessi, Blackferne, Bulwark, and Dood

It was great to see the Church coming together to share a meal and have a great time.


The Post in which the Dood Posse Visits Austin — 7 Comments

  1. Who was going to ask? I thought it was a given that they were the same person. And lacking any evidence to the contrary I’m good with that belief.

    Like they say…screen shots of it didn’t happen.

    I also like the blackout of Gandy’s face with a question mark in it…it’s like an invitation to play pin-the-face-on-Gandy.

    • Gandolfini offered to take the picture (indicating he didn’t want to be in the picture) so I offered to cover up his face with a question mark. He laughed and that is how that happened.

  2. But why a question mark? Aren’t you concerned the Riddler will sue you for copyright infringement? Why not something more 21st century, like a tildee or an astricks?

  3. Who invited all the Argyle to the party?

    And I think if you are going to ? Gandolfini’s face, it should be replaced with Jar-Jar. Thats what you get for wanting to be anonymous.

    and Bulwark looks creepy.