[User Interface] Moving and Modifying Group Frames

Step 1:  Show party frames as raid frames.  Oh, excuse me, I mean “Operations Frames.”  At least that way it looks more grid-like, and your own frame also shows.

Step 2: Right click on the little “people” button on the top of your “operation frames” to bring down the “unlock” menu.

Step 3: Move that sucker wherever you want. Then you can right click on the little people again to get a menu to lock it back down.

Hopefully this will help with healing groups.


[User Interface] Moving and Modifying Group Frames — 2 Comments

    • A bit after posting this article, someone directed me to a video on how to resize the frames too… make the health bars longer or fatter. It won’t look like Grid, but it’s a start.

      Now, if I don’t eff up the embed… (edit) Never mind it won’t embed. Here’s the link. (shake fist at youtube)