Not All Troopers Are the Same

By now there is a good chance you’ve seen the Trooper Armor Progression Video:

Over the weekend Furiel and I were talking about it as we both intend to play troopers. What struck me as amazing was they showed four different models of advanced class troopers in the 2:34 clip and Furiel and I were really excited about different ones. Furiel was really excited about the Trooper shown from 1:10-1:28 or so. A man with a large gun mowing down droids and blowing stuff up. Maybe not the cliche glass cannon so much as a cannon of cannons. For me the excitement really started at 1:30 and lasted the rest of the video while they showed two different kinds of Vanguards (Trooper Tanks).


The take away here for me is that Bioware is doing a really good job of signalling to players that there is diversity within a class. When you compare Furiel’s dream Trooper versus mine, they play very differently. Furiel’s is about big explosions and doing damage, while my dreamy Trooper is much more about securing location and maintaining control (key aspects of tanking), and to think both play styles originate with the same basic class is pretty cool.

We still have a long way until a launch date, but I will applaud Bioware for amping up the excitement and finding tidbits of information to tantalize the fanboy/fangirl in each of us.