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Sage Seer Mentor

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:11 pm
by Marrkin
Well, since no one has apparently stepped up in this department, then I suppose I will put my foot in the door. Or in my mouth, whichever seems to come first.

The option to put my foot in someones ass is not available to me right now. :lightsaber:

Re: Sage Seer Mentor

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:49 pm
by Dodd Formeianna
Marrkin wrote:The option to put my foot in someones ass is not available to me right now. :lightsaber:
The day is still young... :twisted:

Re: Sage Seer Mentor

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:03 am
by Marrkin
So, as I rolled a Healer for my first toon in this game I realized that there are different types of healers. I leveled my way to 50 as a Hybrid PvP/PvE Healer, and when it came down to running some harder things I just simply couldnt keep up. Yayy for respecs!

Anyway, my current healing spec is this:

Marrkin's Heal Spec

I did not use any input suggestions to allocate my points this way. It just seemed to make sense.

This spec, post 1.2 update, is built in a way which basically requires you to do nuke damage to obtain additional Force generation. It also maximizes the ability to regain health during those times you may need to use Noble Sacrifice. This is due to the fact that with 1.2 they removed the skill that allowed you to obtain a "free" noble sacrifice, which seems to have been a large topic of gripe on official forums. I have actually found now that I am better able to manage my Force pool since BW made these changes. Apparently from the reading I have done, many of the Sage/Sorc class healers had gotten used to healing with a cerain spec that allowed you to "double dip" proc'd effects for better force management. Fortunately in my case, I never made myself aware of this and was not exactly affected by the newest changes.

I do have a cast order for heals, which I generally only use during Boss Frenzy's, and also on initial pulls. Other than that, spot healing is more or less all that is needed to keep folks alive. Watch the health bars, select the best suited heal to use, and pop it off.

Any of the numbers I use are not taking any characters crit chance/+power/cubes/+skills into consideration. These are just raw numbers.

Cast order is :
1. Force Armor
2. Rejuvinate (which will proc Conveyance AND Force Shelter granting 10% increased armor rating of the target)
- 2.(Optional) Turbulence - starting your first wave of Concentration (then throw in a Turbulence anywhere in the rotation below if possible)
3. Benevolence (affected by the Conveyance for an 60% chance crit heal, usually ~2.6k)
- 3.(Optional) Deliverance (of course our largest single target heal, when affected with Conveyance has a 30% reduction in Force needed for the cast)
4. Healing Trance
5. Rejuvinate again
6. Deliverance (if needed)/ Or / Force Armor refresh
....and basically rinse and repeat from there.

After casting any Rejuvinate outside of the cast order, judge what is needed next. With the Conveyance proc, you also have the choice of:
1. Healing Trance with a crit chance of 25% (which I believe either affects only the first tick, or its a 25% chance per tick)
2. Salvation with a 30% reduction in Force needed to cast (taking it down to approx 60pts instead of the natural 91) <---- Cool thing about this is that it makes this 3400+hp HoT cost only 10-ish Force more than Deliverance, which is 51 Force for a 2.8k (natural max) heal.

Its best to gauge the necessity of using either Benevolence or Deliverance depending on how big a heal is needed, and on what you may have your cast time down to. With the 1.2 changes, the natural cast time of Deliverance was increased to 2.5 seconds. This was a .5 second increase, which can mean all the difference between a hurt tank and a dead tank. This increase was also one of the biggest gripes in the healing community, but mostly for PvP purposes. Currently, I have a reduction to 2.2 seconds, which is manageable overall with attention and timing.

Now, as far as the Force regen goes, I will usually finish one healing rotation then cast off a quick 3 rounds of Disturbance. The purpose for this is to acquire 3 stacks of Concentration, which grants you a 10 percent increase of Force regen per stack for 10 seconds. This may not seem like a lot of time, but to me it makes all the difference in the world. *EDIT* : I ran a little test and found that the 3 rounds of Disturbance does NOT grant 10% Force regen per stack. Turns out that basically you may time it so that the regen takes place over a period of nearly 30 seconds if you watch the Concentration effect icon, and simply recast it as it gets low each time. Once you hit 3 stacks you must let that 3rd stack dissipate, and then you may start the cycle over again.

Keep in mind, this is not an easy answer to power, as Concentration will only net you an overall ~2% increase over your natural Force Regen.

Along with this you have your Noble Sacrifice, which is generally best used when you are in the upper 50% of your force pool and you can spare either a Salvation AE heal or a Rejuvinate for yourself (or Both!). Take a look at this rotation:

1. Rejuvinate (gaining Conveyance)
2. Noble Sacrifice (Gaining back X Force a the cost of X Health/X Force- partially healed back by the Rejuvinate HoT)
3. Salvation (AE HoT @ 30% reduced force cost)
4. Noble Sacrifice (mostly healed back by the Salvation HoT)
5. Healing Trance (gaining 100% chance for Replendence)
6. Noble Sacrifice (with 0% force cost from the Resplendence - still has health cost)
7. Rejuvinate.....back to healing rotation.....

Note: these rotations are naturally situational, and are typed out in an ideal situation. I fully do not expect any Sage healers to have that many "ideal situations"!! :yoda:

This is how I roll. I am also always looking to improve, and I'm open to criticism (good or bad, which I will either take well or tell you take a flying leap). I never claim that I am an exemplary healer, but I figure as long as no one is sending me You Suck /whisper's then I'm not doin too bad :rave:

Re: Sage Seer Mentor

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:03 pm
by Skiggity
Marrkin, thanks for dropping me a line last night in-game, hopefully my Sage character, Skiggity, can take some of the healing burden off you in the long run. When I hit 50 I'll re-spec as pure healer and in the meantime I'll dabble with patterns to see if I discover any more fun secrets, but based on your well-researched comments above I'll be coming to you for advice.

Re: Sage Seer Mentor

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:36 pm
by Marrkin
Edited with new data :rave: