2.0 DPS Guide

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2.0 DPS Guide

Post by Skiggity » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:37 pm

Based on the tone and links, I like this one the most of the ones I've found so far.

Interesting nuggets: This guide suggests not bothering with Crit at all, instead putting your eggs in the Accuracy basket to get 110 percent force accuracy. Other guides are starting to come in line with this theory as well (For example, Noxxic all of a sudden puts Accuracy (110 percent) at the top tier of importance.)

Currently Skig is in a lot of level 55 stuff, but Haven't added accuracy with any zeal yet; Will be doing so as raid gear starts coming, and will track how it alters DPS.
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Re: 2.0 DPS Guide

Post by Furiel » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:11 am

The accuracy is because they applied defense to force attacks in 2.0, and all raid bosses have 10% defense, so 110% force accuracy is required to ensure that every one of your attacks hits.

As for the crit, BW seems to have screwed up their curves when they rebalanced everything and now generally for DPS the stat priority goes main stat->accuracy to 110%->power->crit->surge. The advantage to that is that it makes your damage more consistent, but it decreases the value of skill points that increase crit damage.
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