Consular Hybrid build?

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Consular Hybrid build?

Post by Skiggity » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:15 pm

Had a good chat with a fellow Sage DPSer last night, we had comparable deeps but I outgeared him, turns out he's using a hybrid spec.

here's the 12/28 Tree I'm testing out now; if nothing else, it's easier on the force bar, and by swapping an enhancement of surge (of which I have way too much anyway, up against the cap) for some more alacrity it outperformed my full-Balance build. ... MfRsMkrc.2

The main change is the Psychic Projection buff in the Telekietics tree, it causes my spam rock-chucking ability to cycle at 2x speed. I lose Sever Force, but that was a minor DOT at best. Also, with the Tele items I gain 100 force and up the duration on Weaken Mind, which in turn crits to activate the Psychic Projection buff.
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